Maurer & Associates Capital Management, Inc. is an independent investment advisor licensed by the State of Colorado with its principal office in Denver, Colorado. Michael Haines has over thirty years of investment experience, having started in the mutual fund business in 1985.  We offer investment advisory services primarily to individuals, trusts and estates.  We provide account/portfolio management services on a discretionary basis in accordance with each client's personal investment objectives; these advisory services mainly focus on equity securities (stocks), investment-grade taxable and non-taxable corporate and municipal bonds, open and closed-end mutual funds and ETFs - exchange traded funds.


We believe and history has shown, investing in common stocks is one of the best inflation hedges and wealth accumulation strategies available.  Stock investing has a permanent place in any long term investment portfolio.  Not only does it serve as an inflation hedge but it also is a wealth accumulation strategy that has stood the test of time.  Of course, the extent of this investment commitment is determined by each client's objectives.  We strive to achieve increasing value through growth of principal and income while protecting clients' portfolios from inflation and extreme market volatility.  Accumulating assets quite often takes a significant amount of time and in many cases, the assets cannot be easily replaced. Therefore, we manage assets cognizant of risk for the benefit of our clients and their beneficiaries.


The allocation between various alternative investments is the critical first step, and often the most important element in achieving investment success.  Four primary factors are considered - risk tolerance, targeted return, income requirements and liquidity needs.  Using these factors we develop a core portfolio of stocks and bonds which represent a long term commitment.  Our stock selection is focused on high quality companies, to which we believe we can make multi-year commitments.  Characteristics ("bottom up analysis") of these companies include: a successful record of profitability and growth; proven, effective management; beneficiary of economic or social environment; strong balance sheet; attractive valuation.   We recognize the need to remain flexible during changing market cycles.  We may invest a portion of assets in industries or sectors which do not fit the growth profile based on "top down" (economic) analysis.  This strategy has the potential to add significant "risk adjusted" value to the portfolio.  As markets change, this core structure may be altered in order to achieve a client's specific goals.


  • "Independent" means we work for your benefit not a third party (broker or parent company)
  • Too busy in your chosen field or retirement to dedicate sufficient time to manage your wealth
  • We have three decades of experience managing portfolios in a variety of market cycles
  • We tailor your investment portfolio to achieve your goals
  • Commitment to our process keeps emotion from driving bad decisions
  • We will enhance your investment knowledge
  • We invest alongside our clients(eat our own cooking)